Many freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and those with non-traditional employment often experience volatile incomes. One minute things look great with that new order you just received, then months later you’re eating beans out of a can (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), wondering when the tides will change.

Or another familiar scenario, especially for newer endeavors, is, “Wow, I’ve finally made some sales, but oh wait, my expenses, wiped out much of that,” in terms of profit, or net income.

With the uncertainty and fluctuations in income that can be experienced, signing up for and paying a monthly premium for health care, is often not a priority. Or may just seem economically unfeasible. Of course, there are many programs that provide food and other assistance, but until recently, if you did not have any children, programs that provided health care assistance were far and few in between, if available at all in some instances.

Well, fortunately that has changed in recent years, with the expansion of state Medicaid programs. If you meet certain income requirements and have no children, your state may provide a free or low-cost health care option for you.

View the map below to see if your state has expanded its Medicaid program. If so, visit or your local Medicaid office.

Where the States Stand

Via: The Advisory Board Company