Chance The Rapper brings out R. Kelly as a surprise guest during his performance. Photo by Max Herman, courtesy of Fresh and Clean Media.


Photo by Cambria Harkey courtesy of Fresh and Clean Media

This Summer, Lollapalooza celebrated its 10 year anniversary, gracing Chicago’s Grant Park with some of the world’s best musicians. If you’ve ever been, you know that Lollapalooza is a 3-day, monster festival that requires attendees to have boundless energy, stamina and mostly, a sense of humor. The sense of humor is to deal with the filled-to-capcity crowd, the, ‘I take my job way to seriously,’-perhaps-rightfully-so-but-still, security guards volunteers (kidding, we’re sure they are highly trained, fairly compensated, safety and security officers. Well, ‘sure’ is a strong word, but you get the point).

This year we had Kisha Reed and Aaliyah Gibson on festival grounds, running between catching favorite acts and conducting interviews wherever a suitable space was kind enough to lend itself for the brief time given with some of the artists. Check out the excerpts below for a taste of Kisha and Aliyah’s experience at Lolla, in her own words. –ciao, Dee

Kisha Says:

You know that feeling you get when you’re finally strapping in to your favorite roller coaster ride? Your heart’s racing; you’re anxious and excited about the good time in store. Well, going to Lolla surpasses that! You’re excited to see artists you love, learn about new artists and party your life away with random people of the world.  One of the best things about Lolla is the people.

…But, let’s discuss what really creates the ultimate Lolla experience, the performances. Of all of the performances seen, I had some favorites.  Highly Suspect was one of the first bands to perform Friday morning and they were INCREDIBLE. The crowd was really involved with their performance and the band maintained extremely high energy during their set. Caged the Elephant, Young the Giant and Childish Gambino all performed during/after the down pour of Sunday afternoon.


Childish Gambino @ Lollapalooza 2014 Photo by Jack Edinger, courtesy of Fresh and Clean Media

Even still, some of the best performances I’ve seen. Childish Gambino and Matt Shultz (front man of Caged the Elephants) took it upon themselves to be off the stage and amongst the crowd for part of their performances, taking the energy of the crowds to the next level. Sameer of Young the Giant sang his heart out as everyone in the crowd went crazy over this Cali-bred band. Read the full feature.

Aaliyah Says:

Let’s create an image in our minds. You’re standing on a translucent floor. When you look down you don’t see a street jammed with cars and angry drivers trying to make it to the next busy intersection. The sound of honking horns or the jumbled chorus of voices from people just trying to get to another destination has also been erased. No, something special is happening. There’s flashing lights, dancing and bass loud enough to rock the floor you’re standing on. In one corner there’s a stage where you hear a guitar riff as the people beneath bang their heads to the thrill of it. In another, a rapper just hit the stage and the audience is bouncing while the figure on stage has sparks the color of fire blasting into the air. And in that final corner you’re pretty sure there are no lyrics coming from the speakers, but the bass just dropped and it seems like a million hands are in the air. Congratulations and welcome to an annual three day event in Chicago. You’ve made it to Lollapalooza. Read the full feature.