Avoid A Fine, Get Health Insurance Coverage Today

Avoid A Fine, Get Health Insurance Coverage Today

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obama Care, was signed into law, it has been met with its fair share of praise and criticism. Those for and against, both make some valid claims, and each side has expressed very compelling arguments to support their respective positions. And while the drafting, passing, and...Read more
"Starving Artists" Don't Have To Skimp On Health Care, Anymore

“Starving Artists” Don’t Have To Skimp On Health Care, Anymore

Many freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and those with non-traditional employment often experience volatile incomes. One minute things look great with that new order you just received, then months later you’re eating beans out of a can (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), wondering when the tides will change. Or another familiar scenario, especially for newer endeavors, is,...Read more
Here's to you, You + YOU!

Here’s to you, You + YOU!

Thank you for your support through the years…here’s to many more!

Recording Artist + Youth Mentor Psalm One Needs Your Help

Fresh off her 9-city tour with the ASCAP Songwriter Residency– a 3-day program that partners artists with America SCORES, an after school program in under served areas– Psalm One is back in her hometown of Chicago to continue her mission of mentoring students. During the three days, the artists spend two mentoring and writing a...Read more