“Coltan” closing reception with Rahmaan Statik

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Join us for the closing reception of “Coltan”, new artwork by Rahmaan Statik on Friday, June 28th from 7 to 10pm. Meet the artist, purchase artwork, and enjoy the atmosphere during this final event in honor of this unique, relevant and phenomenal body of work. Celebrate this Chicago artist with us!

“Coltan” analyzes and explores global free trade, technology, consumerism and the tragic beauty of the modern African American cultural identity in relation to the mining of the black gold, Coltan. Mined in the Eastern Congo, Coltan is a vital component in cell phone electronic circuits and therefore is an essential yet overlooked part of our everday lives. Through the illustration of contemporary African women, Statik not only confronts society’s idealistic interpretations of African culture, but also gives the viewer a glimpse into the Coltan trade. By addressing the power of seduction in society, Statik is able to bring attention to the brutality of the Coltan trade through the universal language of art.

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