Artist Talk with George Keaton

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Elephant Room, Inc.

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On exhibition through March 8th.

“Menagerie” is a series of large-scale mixed media paintings of vibrant animal portraits. These emotionally charged images surface amidst a storm of gestural marks in a brilliant color palette. Keatonʼs inclusion of text and other markings within each portrait bring up certain ideas regarding our relationships with animals, one another and art. Viewers will each experience their own unique interpretation as Keatonʼs intention is to emotionally convey the subjectʼs life and movement through the paints. “With this collection, I hope to inspire people’s creativity and promote admiration for the animals around the world.” – Keaton

About the Artist
George Keaton is a painter living and working in Chicago. He was born in 1980. As far back as he can remember, George had this fascination with color. He remembers being 4 years old and mixing his fatherʼs shoe polishes together. He covered his toy car with white polish and before it dried, followed it with black polish; the resulting grey sparked his curiosity. At the age of 7, wearing raspberry polos and riding a lime green BMX bike, his love of color was fully realized. As a man and artist, George is still intrigued by color, and furthermore by the process and techniques in painting. Most recently he has been inspired by animals and people, and is continuing to add to this collection.

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