Artistic: Cleveland Dean

In Plain Sight by Jennifer Steele | photo by Maxine T. Garcia

In a dimmer light they appear to be just a series of white canvases, larger white spaces mounted against a wall. It isn’t yet clear what is supposed to be there, if anything is there at all. Getting closer, something is there. As one walks toward the canvases they are faintly branded with blocks of an alphabet repeating over and over. The raised lines do not seem more than they are. Easily dismissed as abstract or an ode to a traditional concept of primers, one can walk on, move past what is actually hidden in the acrylic. Or, one can stay a while, look into those blocks and notice that the something that is there, is the something that is missing. A forgotten letter here, a scratched-out number there, soon becomes a code, a puzzle, a message. It is this moment of staying or leaving where one learns much about him or herself and who they are as an observer of the world. One will either decipher or dismiss. In this moment the work, whether or not we are aware or would like to admit, has blatantly told us much about ourselves, asking, “Are you paying attention?”

Cleveland Dean w/his art photographed by Maxine T. Garcia

H.A.S.MAGAZINE Issue No. 28 Cover
As seen in H.A.S.MAGAZINE: See the full feature in issue 28.

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