Art Tips for Amateur Collectors


For some, buying art, let alone becoming an art collector can be somewhat intimidating or overwhelming. But no matter what you’re budget, you can become an art collector with these tips from Affordable Art Fair New York Director, Cristina Salmastrelli.

By following these simple steps, novice art collectors and first time buyers can find, purchase and grow their art collection with ease.

Tips for New Art Collectors

Do Your Research
– Examine various types and genres of art before visiting a fair; go online and research artists so that you can learn what your eye is drawn to

Plan Ahead
– Spend time at home deciding where you would like your next piece of art to live
– Measure the area where you are planning to display art so you have an exact idea of dimensional space when contemplating a piece to buy at a fair.

Ask Questions
– Fairs are an open forum to ask artists and galleries questions

– Ask how long it took an artist to create a given piece, what influenced the creation and how does it compare to other works  by the artist

Be Brave
– Stretch outside of your comfort zone when seriously contemplating pieces of art to purchase

Take Your Time
– Peruse the rest of the fair and think about the piece you are contemplating on buying before making a final decision


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