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H.A.S.MAGAZINE™ is an international print + digital publication spotlighting tomorrow's stars alongside today's celebrities from the worlds of music, art and fashion.

Artfully infusing social, cultural and political content that often drives music, fashion and art, it's clear to see why H.A.S.MAGAZINE™ is truly the magazine that H.A.S.-It-All!™

founder + publisher

November of 2005, at the young age of 24, Dialika Perkins, or simply Dee, as she's commonly known, was struck with the ingenious concept of H.A.S.MAGAZINE™-- Hip.Artistic.Stylish. The Magazine that H.A.S.-It-All!™ August of 2006 she purchased the domain, and has been building the house of H.A.S., one brick at a time, non-stop, ever since. Read her full bio.


To serve as the definitive publication of authentic contemporary culture.

Meagan Good photographed in Los Angeles, CA, by James Cox, exclusively for H.A.S.MAGAZINE.